How to Know When Your Pasture is Ready for Grazing

I wanted to take time to say thank you for being part of our community. From the winter solstice, here is something to add a bit of cheer – a free inspirational tidbit that looks forward to the spring!

This clip was from a pasture restoration project we call Peaceful Valley. The field had been turned to mud a few months before, and we used the hay feeding program to cover the land and fertilize it, reseed it without any added inputs. Nothing more than using the wastes in a different way than normal.

Bottom line was the remediation got us a better field and cost us no more than what we had invested already in the hay we were feeding. Changing how we did things got us DRAMATICALLY better results.

In this clip, the field is recovering and we are looking at how to know when it is ready to re-graze. We will be sending more of the story in the weeks ahead.

We have grown a lot and gotten a lot of amazing progress in developing our farm in 2016. We will be releasing more free videos to share with you over the next few weeks and months. If you get on Facebook, be sure to follow our Simple Soil Solutions page as we will also be putting out a lot of great stuff there.

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