A New Tool to Feed Your Family and Heal The Planet, Climate & Economy

What if I told you that by feeding your family better – you could help lower the cost of food and increase its quality and availability for us all?  How about if that same action on your part also stabilized the climate more quickly than cutting all fossil fuel emissions today – cold turkey?   What if you could shine a light on food you buy, and instantly KNOW if it was going to have the nutrition and beneficial compounds you need to fight cancer, heal your body and mind, as well as have awesome flavor, aroma and shelf life?

Now you can!  The good news is that the same growing methods that produce quality food also increase its quantity as well as benefit your community, the climate, ecology and economy.  Come read more about the Real Food Campaign, including the new tool called the Bionutrient Meter and Open Source Data Community & Social Network – where major global players in the public, private, non-profit, for-profit, research, education and consumer sectors are now able to link together in ways that have never before been possible!  

No longer will learning happen and be tracked in disparate databases – that do not talk to each other.  Now, we finally have a platform and open collaborative structure for discernment about what systems work best to produce the best food, economics, climate & human health outcomes, etc.  Until this moment, we did not formerly have any open source data structure that could assess these complex, multi-factor, multiple data sets in their relationships.  Now, sectors that seem unrelated like human health, animal health, soil health, nutrition and carbon sequestration can all play in the same sandbox.   

The best is that we are all not just passive observers – but get to be active participants!  Citizens all over the globe who formerly would not have access to be a part of or benefit from scientific research now will have the opportunity to contribute and learn in inexpensive ways.  We can find each other in this open source, collaborative environment – without anyone controlling our “feeds” or search results.  This allows us to learn faster and see how these complex systems relate.

Join This Collaborative, Peaceful Movement

In Massachusetts this November 28, join us for a pre-conference, working meeting called the Vision & Strategy Day .  Give your valued input, hear how others are participating, and understand how you fit in at this meeting of the minds.  Come join us to see the global release of the Bionutrient Meter!  Order one at the conference and become a key player in this vital food, health and climate movement.

Stay for the Soil & Nutrition Conference November 29-30, and continue to learn and connect!   Major global players from movements like The Bionutrient Food Association, Savory Institute, Holistic Management International, The Rodale Institute, Soil Food Web, Permaculture, Biodynamics, Ecolonomic Action Team, and the Weston A Price Foundation will be there, among many other private and public sector players.  If you cannot join us live, we will be posting the recordings of this meeting so you can learn more! 

The pieces are coming together to allow all of the formerly disparate efforts, centers, institutes, and organizations to coordinate in more powerful ways than ever.  Through partnership and working together, instead of in our relatively small individual bubbles, we can heal ourselves, this planet, the climate, and economy.  This framework for collaboration is structured biologically, but also engages cutting-edge science and technology. It is a completely new way of relating for science, consumers, the internet, and technology — a peaceful movement that is building itself outside of outdated structures that have held us back, kept people and information apart, caused damage to learning and progress, and that no longer serve this new era of learning and positive change.

Now, the technology has arrived that allows humans to mimic underground beneficial fungal networks for planetary healing, as well as stimulating economic growth in positive and stabilizing ways.  It is a peaceful, mycorrhizal movement that EACH ONE of us can be a part of without disrupting the flow of our daily lives.  In fact, using these new tools and network will save us time, money and energy, while allowing us to do greater things.

Learn more About How Focusing on Rebuilding Soil Can Heal Our Climate Crisis Quickly

Soil Solutions to Climate Problems – Narrated by Michael Pollan:

The Soil Solution to Climate Change Film

How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change:  Ted Talk by Allan Savory

Soil Can Solve Climate Change

We are all in this together, and this new framework and community allows us to see where each of our specific piece of the puzzle lies.  It allows us to empower ourselves to focus on our unique talent and gifts, and meet others with whom we can synergize.  Learning from the mycorrhizal fungal networks – we can each WORK LESS and achieve MORE POSITIVE IMPACT.  

The beautiful thing is that learning more and getting involved will save you time and money.  Join us today by:

  • Contributing to and/or joining the Bionutrient Food Association (BFA)
  • Buying and using a Bionutrient Meter to test the food you buy and/or grow
  • Sharing this blog with your networks using the Share On buttons below

Are you ready to finally end that feeling of the global crises we face being “too big” or “out there”?  Come get inspired, energized and learn more!


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