Gro Healthy Starter Pak


Kit contains:

  • Soil Biology Boost seed treatment – Powder you mix on your seeds to get them started right! (minerals, super beneficial microbes).


  • Solu-PLKS – Liquid you mix with water to organically boost mineral cycling in your soil and feed beneficial soil microbes.


  • Soil Provide – Liquid you mix with water to add a diverse set of beneficial microbes. Rejuvenates soil that has been damaged.


  • Soil Revive – Powdered super-food for soil microbes – replaces kelp, fish, humic acids.



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Take the guesswork out of organic gardening. This kit has all you need to grow organic and rejuvenate your soil. Try a sample of our products on a test plot or your garden. Kit contains enough of each product to treat 1000 sq ft or more. Get a jump-start on the growing season and see for yourself how they work!



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