SOLU-PLKS (liquid)

One of the most advanced nutrient and biological enhancement systems on the market, SOLU­-PLKS is a concentrated, organic­ based product that is formulated with microbial fermentation extracts to extend nutrient availability in the soil.




PLEASE NOTE: Our prices vary according to the volume of the product you want to buy.  The cost per unit goes down for bulk orders — for liquids, starting with 55 gal drum or 265 gal tote; for dry products, the price starts to go down with orders of 50 lbs or more.


Quantity  Price Per Gallon
1 gallon + $30.00
55 gallons + $27.00
275 gallons + $26.00



1)  In the box below, select the range of the amount that you want to buy (for example: if you want 55 gallons, select the 55+ gallons option).


2)  Another drop-down menu will pop up. Enter the quantity within that range that you wish to purchase.  The amount that appears is the per pound (or per gallon) price.


3)  Shipping costs will be calculated in the cart up to 15 gallons (for liquids) or 130 lbs (for solids).  We accommodate larger orders, but you will need to speak with us directly to arrange for freight.




4) For orders over 15 gallons. Please fill out the Contact Us form requesting a freight quote. 


All orders must be paid for at the time they are placed. Orders cannot be cancelled.


Please include:  1) your freight ship to address, 2) if that is a commercial or residential address, 3) by what time frame do you need the freight delivered, 4) What days of the week, and hours during the day can you receive deliveries (ie:  do you accept weekend shipments?)  5) if you need advance notice of the delivery and 6) if you have equipment on hand to unload, or if you need a lift-gate to unload the pallets at your property.  These factors all affect the price and which freight services we can use to deliver.  


We will get back with you within 48 hours with a freight quote and time frame for delivery.



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One of the most advanced nutrient and biological enhancement systems on the market, SOLU­-PLKS is a concentrated, organic­ based product that is formulated with microbial fermentation extracts to extend nutrient availability in the soil.

SOLU­-PLKS chelates & releases minerals for foliar applications and encourages the growth of beneficial micro organisms in the soil. It is non-­toxic and can be used to mitigate the toxic effects of salt based conventional fertilizers. Overall, it is a soil conditioner, organic nutrient solubilizer, and microbial food, but not a source of biology itself ­ – or source of minerals itself.

You would need to address major nutrient or biological deficiencies in your system, but SOLU­-PLKS will help you do that quickly and in a way that builds up your soil and microbial systems, so that you can reduce or eliminate the need for purchased inputs (depending on the system of what you are removing and what you are putting back into the cycle).

SOLU­-PLKS solubilizes already present positive and negative charged minerals in the soil (from the sand silt and clay that you already have) and chelates them into a plant available form. Most soils have plenty of mineral reserve to grow even the heaviest feeding plants if you look at what is totally available (not just soluble or exchangeable pools). SOLU­-PLKS allows your plants and microbes better access to those larger mineral stores. This encourages rapid growth of fungi and protozoa (the nutrient cyclers). This, in turn, feeds the plants all of the 90+soil minerals that it needs, whereas the microbes are able to meet the demands of the plants.

SOLU­-PLKS takes soil nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable and makes them plant available for 90-120 days with just one application. Its unique molecular structure makes it a great stimulant of the more complex soil microbiology of fungi, protozoa, and nematodes. Use it directly on your soil, in foliar application, to pretreat compost, and in compost teas.



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SOLU­-PLKS offers a dramatic increase in nutrient availability and uptake for your growing environment, especially P, K along with secondary nutrients of S, Ca, Mg as well as micronutrients B, Cl, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mo.

SOLU-­PLKS can reduce inputs of P and K by 30%-­50% and inputs of N by 20%-­30% in the first season. Subsequent use can result in further reduction or elimination of chemical and/or mineral fertilizer inputs.

SOLU­-PLKS is a great choice for foliar applications because it contains natural bio­-surfactants that allow soluble minerals to stick to leaf surfaces.

SOLU­-PLKS has an extremely small Dalton size of 200 to 300 so it is completely plant available and helps make fertilizer and soil minerals available to the plant for months after its application in the soil.

SOLU­-PLKS can stop the trace element ‘tie–up’ caused by Round Up or Glyphosate based products. It is also safe to apply with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.

SOLU­-PLKS is an excellent food source for beneficial soil biology such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, etc. It especially grows fungi and protozoa.

Contact us for bulk orders.



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Apply at 1-­2 gal/A in the soil in the root zone at planting, transplanting, or before flowering stage of the plant. Use straight as seed coating with Soil Biology Boost (SBB) powder. Important to get consult on rates if application of any fertilizers have been applied to the area ­manures, organic minerals, chemical fertilizers.

Uses – usually diluted:

Soil Application -­ get it into the root zone!

  • Alone as a nutrient and bio­-stimulant (1­-2 gal per acre normally)
  • Applied with fertilizer ­ so that the fertilizer 1) can be reduced and 2) binds with SOLU­-PLKS so that is is plant and microbe available; greatly reduces tie-up.
  • Sprayed full strength on seed as a seed treatment with Soil Biology Boost (SBB) to increase crop quality and yield, and as a disease protection & mycorrhizal inoculant.
  • Dripped in furrow with no­-till planting
  • Dipping transplants into SOLU­-PLKS (diluted)


  • As a foliar feed ­ dissolve minerals with the SOLU­-PLKS to feed plants through leaf
  • As a complement and ingredient to compost tea
  • Bound with trace minerals before application to mitigate nutrient tie up (if using herbicide)

Compost & Tea Brewing

  • One of the best foods for beneficial biology, especially fungi and protozoa
  • Use it to pre-­treat compost for fungal growth before brewing
  • Use it in the brew


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