I am going to broadcast some red clover into some fescue pasture and I was wondering if your seed inoculant would help since I’m not drilling it in?

Yes our inoculant should help – the Soil Biology Boost, applied at 2-4 oz per acre of seed, as per instructions. Just use a clean spray bottle to mist the Solu-plks liquid onto the seed and powder and use your hands to mix around until all of the seed is covered. They will get black but you can rinse them off or use gloves.

The soluplks is important with the Soil Bio Boost, because it’s enzymes function as an activator to help the microbes assimilate the minerals in the powder.

You also want to make sure to ask if the clover seed is already inoculated with the rhizobium nitrogen fixing bacteria – or purchase that inoculant from your seed dealer directly and also mix it onto the seed with the Soil Biology Boost.

Final tip is to make sure the seed is not treated with any fungicide, insecticide, etc. Seed coatings for water absorption are usually ok.

Spread the seed with visions of your field fertile with clover and diversity!

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