I obtained a 4 oz sample of Solu-PLKS. I am a home gardener. How would I dilute it to use on a 4X12 ft. raised bed for vegetables?

There are a couple of ways…you want to get it into the soil really well into the root zone.

If you have applied any other types of fertilizers or manures or nutrients you need to do a small test plot as it can over fertilize because it makes what you put down more available!

Otherwise use it at 1-4 gal per acre and you can buy a chemical liquid fertilizer mixer for your hose at any Lowes or garden store and add the Solu-PLKS. You can just spray it out and soak the root zone of the plants and get the leaves too.

If you know your land needs minerals you can first mix the Solu-PLKS with water and mineral and then apply the mixture to the roots or as a foliar feed.

You can also use buckets or a backpack sprayer but that can be tedious.

Or if you are transplanting you can dip transplants in a bucket with water and Solu-PLKS and then plant and use the remainder of the water to water it in.

We also have a dry product and great seed treatment to get seeds off right!

It is not a harsh chemical so you don’t have to be too precise…try a few plants and let me know.

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