Useful Resources & Web Links

Permaculture Resources

Worldwide Permaculture Network:

Permaculture Research Institute – US:

Permaculture Research Institute – AUS:

The Permaculture Project:

Geoff Lawton:

Soil Food Web Resources

Soil Foodweb (SFW):

Earthfort – Oregon SFW lab:

Holistic Management Resources

The Savory Institute:

Ted Talk by Allan Savory:

Holistic Management International:

Greg Judy:

INFORMATIONAL Publications to keep learning

ACRES Magazine

The Stockman Grass Farmer

Permaculture Magazine

InPractice (Holistic Management Research Publication)

HELPFUL Groups to Join



CASA (Chesapeake Alliance For Sustainable Agriculture)

Georgia Organics



AMAZING People & Projects to Watch

Growing Power:

Lynchburg Grows:

Jasper Place High School:

Mother Earth School:

Planting Justice:

The Greensboro Montessori School

STAR (Service to All Relations) School – Permaculture, Education, Community-building & Wellness Project:

The 3 x 3 Project:

The Backyard Farmer:

RAD | Restoration Agriculture Development:

Forest Agriculture Enterprises:

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