Vail’s Biography

Vail Dixon is a regenerative farmer and holistic grazing mentor. Founder of Simple Soil Solutions™, Grazing Power™ and ABC Beef, Vail grew up working on farms, climbing mountains and enjoying nature. While training to represent her country in the Olympics, a life threatening accident gave Vail an opportunity to experience healing through healthy food and natural methods – even when doctors told her it was impossible. This deeper understanding of our food and farming systems instilled in Vail a passion for healing our soils as a way to rejuvenate our ecology, economy and health.

Vail DixonFollowing her great grandfather’s footsteps for farming, Vail worked for seven years managing her family’s land and farms – which encompassed forestry, cropping, cattle and hay on approximately 40,000 acres over fourteen counties in the state of VA. This journey gave her the opportunity to meet many great mentors, and after years of training and practical application on thousands of acres of land, become an internationally certified Soil Foodweb Advisor and Permaculture Designer.

Vail intensively researches how we affect the soil biology and how that impacts productivity and economics. Learning many ways to repair damaged soil biologically led Vail to understand how animals and humans play a vital role in soil regeneration. She is now building her own farm in Nelson County VA, into a living example of and training center for Permaculture Design, Holistic Management and Biological farming.

Vail’s passion is joining with Nature to heal the land, our economy and ourselves. Besides farming full time, she connects with open-minded and young-at-heart farmers who want to become successful adaptive managers and create abundance on their land. To this end she is building a Holistic grazing mentorship program called Grazing Power™, on-farm Grow Your Soil workshops, and Living Soils biological soil-building mentorship program.

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